Simply and securely track every intro

Making good intros is one of the most powerful things you can do for others - and for yourself. When you see patterns in how you make and receive intros, and discover what happens, you make even better connections. Intros makes it easy to do both. Intros also allows you to track intros made for you and reminds you to say thank you, in the right way, at the right time. All your intros always remain private to you.

Simply add intros as you make them

Simply bcc when you make an intro. Or forward intros you make or receive to We never contact the people you introduce unless you ask them for feedback.

Track all your intros

View and search all your intros made and received from your dashboard, and see patterns like who you intro most and who makes the most intros for you. Your dashboard, data and all your intros are private to you.


Easily ask for feedback on any intro you've made. We send you reminders 10 days and 6 months after you make an intro to check in. Then we make it fun and easy for people to tell you what happens because of your intros. And it all works through your email. Intros also makes it easy for you to say thanks for intros you receive.

Intro #12

Alban Denoyel

Co-Founder and CEO, Sketchfab (NYC)

It was a great connection for us with direct added value given we are in the same industry, this should soon lead to a win-win partnership at scale.


Partnership Discussions

Samantha Snabes

Founder, re:3D (Austin TX| Santiago Chile)

I'm excited about this awesome intro to Sketchfab and the potential for collaboration.

What our users say

Pooja Warier
Pooja Warier
Co-founder UnLtD India, Journeys for Change
"Intros is such a neat tool for someone who LOVES connecting people, who views the world as one large community of interconnected people, and who cares about getting those introductions right! It also allows me to get a sense of the communities that I have access to and really use it for the benefit of others."
Teju Ravilochan
Teju Ravilochan
Co-founder and CEO, Unreasonable Institute
"There's not much that is more satisfying than seeing the magic created by your connecting two people whose world's may never have collided if not for you. It makes you believe in the power of people coming together, to participate in it directly, and to know you played a small role in that. makes this all possible!"
Pascal Finette
Pascal Finette
Investment Principal, Google Giving
"Introductions are my life blood. It's amazing to see magic happen when you introduce the right people in your network to each other. Intros gives me invaluable insights into my network, allows me to track and make my introductions much more effective and is just incredibly fun to use."
Anastasia Dellaccio
Anastasia Dellaccio
Special Initiatives, Outreach and Communications United Nations Foundation
"As a connector I want to ensure that I am making an impact in other people’s lives by integrating their networks. To be able to track the outcomes of my connections is a useful way for me to measure that impact - and of course stay connected too."