A Christmas Pay it Forward Intros Experiment

Bcc: payitfwd@intros.to #payitfwd

Help us create a chain reaction of giving these holidays

What if every time anyone received a helpful intro, they paid it forward - with another intro for two people in their network?

The Pay it Forward Experiment is designed to answer this question. It is led by Professor Adam Grant, author of Give and Take, who studies the importance of giving to professional success. See @AdamMGrant's Linkedin post The Gift We Love to Receive but Forget to Give for more.

How the Pay It Forward Experiment works

1. Make an introduction between two good people you know

2. BCC payitfwd@intros.to when you send the intro

3. Include the text to the right at the end of your intro

Include this text in your intro:

Why we're using Intros for this experiment

Intros makes it really easy to 'count' the total intros made in the experiment when you BCC payitfwd@intros.to. Also, we'd love people who take part to tell us the stories of what happens thanks to their intros. Intros makes it fun and simple to look up intros you've made and ask what happened.

Experiment Creators

  • Wharton

  • Google Giving

  • Intros

  • Intros


Intros are often made for our most important contacts and we take your privacy extremely seriously. The intros that you log when you BCC payitfwd@intros.to will never be shared and we will NEVER contact the people you introduce. All the content and contact details contained in the intro email are private to you. Introductions will be completely deleted when the experiment is over (unless you choose to keep them).

For more details on the how's and why's of privacy and the experiment, we've set up a special privacy page. We'd welcome your comments.

Any questions? email Robyn or Alex

Pay it Forward Intros Made:


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Include this text in your intro:

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